Rose field

I want the sky, I want the ground, Which is grassy and green. And I want red roses. And I created my version of a rose field. For more comment or see more


I created this heart piece to say that you are stronger than you think. No matter what happens, what everyone says you are strong. you will be strong. You have the strength to do anything. You can overcome anything. Be mindful and learn your lessons with grace. for more art visit:


I wanted to memorize the mid sagittal section of the brain for my Psychology class. I wanted to incorporate the learning and the art so I could retain the information better. As my psychology exam is approaching, I wanted to remember the mid sagittal section of the brain, so in order to remember it a lot better I wanted to […]

The sunset rose

The rose was drawn from my phone. I used the autodesk app. I wanted to use sunset colors to create a feeling of calmness In the back ground. This was a fun piece to do. I love how I can express through art at any time. I usually use the iPad but I cam also do it from the phone. If […]


Neurography Neurography art – I learnt this new technique called neurography art – It is a combination of neuro – the mind and graphy – picture. I found this form of art immensely relaxing and stress relieving. So basically what you have to do is think about something that you want to resolve, something that is a source of stress […]

Bird Flying

This was inspired by a walk in the parking observing a bird flying in the sky. Looking at this I felt the need to somehow create this on my tablet. Since I decided to explore myself more creatively. I wanted to create to create this on my tablet. Auto desk is the software that allows me to use different types […]