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Neurography art – I learnt this new technique called neurography art – It is a combination of neuro – the mind and graphy – picture.

I found this form of art immensely relaxing and stress relieving.

So basically what you have to do is think about something that you want to resolve, something that is a source of stress or happiness.

Think about it for sometime, and then count till 5 seconds and start drawing on the page, randomĀ  strokes whatever you want to put to paper or tablet in my case( do this for about 3 – 5 seconds).

once finished. round all the points were the lines meet.

start painting/drawing/fill the space how you want to. Let your imagination run wild.

I really enjoyed doing this. It was a enjoyable!.

I will be doing more of these.

Let me know if you liked it and if you tried Neurography art in the comments.

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